We buy and sell auto parts, car accessories and building materials on local and international markets.

What we do is not new, but the way we do it is.

Our experienced entrepreneurial leadership has many years of experience, with a network of customers and suppliers in Russia, China and Japan. The company owners have been a valued resource for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, importers and many others, that have found a need to sell off their problem type inventories. What we do is not new, but the way we do it is. Impeccable integrity combined with solid financial resources makes Amaxi International Limited a clear choice for both buyers and sellers.


We are one of Russia’s leading sources if you’re looking to purchase top brand names. We offer automotive parts , car accessories and building materials at prices well below regular factory costs.


We are always ready to PURCHASE, TAKE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY & PAY FOR your problem type inventories.


Screw and bolds

Roof sandwich panels

Fire-resistant, insulated and airtight sandwich panels for external and internal walls. Airtight and insulated sandwich panels for roofs. Low U-value and airtight sandwich panels for cold storages. Fire resistant and sound insulated sandwich panels for ceilings.

Concrete Repair Materials

The range of products available includes polymeric premixed high strength mortars, injection grouting, two component epoxy systems suitable to various types of applications, Anticorrosive coating for reinforcing bars, self-levelling mortars, and structural epoxy adhesive.

Tile and Stone Adhesives

Professional superior-technology, high-adhesion quartz adhesives, elastomeric latex, adhesive with high levels of adhesion and deformability, ready-to-use adhesive with high elasticity and no vertical slip, two-component epoxide system with no vertical slip, high adhesion and chemical resistance, two-component polyurethane systems with high elasticity and no vertical slip, single-component adhesive with SAS (Shock Absorbing System) Technology to suit different levels of difficulty.

Waterproofing Coatings

Waterproofing materials consist of one component "osmotic" waterproofing mortars, One component fibre reinforced mortars, two-component fibre reinforced mortars, Fast setting grouts for instant closing water seepages, two-component elastic waterproofing system suitable for the containment of water, under positive and negative thrust, waterproofing compound in bituminous emulsion, Bituminous, rapid-drying technological paints, Natural breathable silicate plasters, superior quality water-based injection fluids, water repellents, etc




  • Car seats
  • Car Lights
  • Car communication
  •  Car audio
  • Car tyers
  • Car glass & windows
  • Car GPS
  • Car internior lighs
  • Auto winch
  • Wiper systems